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  The last twenty years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of properties reporting problems with 'sulphate heave'. The traditional method of repair has been to remove the entire floor screed, concrete slab and contaminated fill followed by replacement with new material. These works are both extremely expensive and very disruptive, often involving removal and reinstatement of plumbing and heating systems, kitchen units, and ground floor bathroom suites. The cost of alternative accommodation whilst the work is undertaken further adds to the cost of repair.

However, utilising a unique system, supplied and installed exclusively by IMP Conservation Ltd, we are able to offer local authorities, housing associations and commercial organisations a solution to the problems caused by sulphate heave. The process is applied through the existing floor slab without the need for removing the fill.

Some of the many advantages of the system over traditional floor replacement include:

Speed of operation. Works to an average property take in the region of 3 to 4 working days.
Generally no need to remove the floor slab as the sub floor fill is left in place, further reducing cost and the environmental impact of land fill.
Cost effective. Offering major saving compared to the cost of traditional methods.
Kitchen units, bathroom fittings etc can be left in place.
Normally no need for any re-decoration.
Can often be undertaken without the need to re-house the occupiers and is especially useful on 'single slab' properties as works are completed without the need for expensive jacking or rebuilding of internal walls.

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