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  This system has been used successfully for more than 25 years to control cracking and instability in over 1500 No-fines and Corolite structures.

Using a carefully controlled injection process, specially modified highly thixotropic cement based grout is able to be placed exactly where it is required, without the problems of grout loss and bleed out associated with traditional cementitious grouts.

This unique controllability allows the grout to be used to carry out the stabilisation of specific areas.

Typical situations where the system has been successfully employed include the following:

Crack repairs and strengthening of weak concrete, including the installation of stainless steel beaming systems and crack stitching as an alternative to underpinning.
Strengthening of concrete, prior to cutting out of openings or coring for services.
Flue strengthening and provision of new bearings for lintel insertion.
The stabilisation of window and door surrounds prior to window replacement, a 150mm wide continuous band of 25kN grout was introduced around window and door openings of Corolite properties in Manchester after the attempted removal of windows was causing massive damage to the surrounding concrete. After treatment damage to the window surrounds was completely eradicated.

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