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  IMP Conservation Ltd have used Cintec Anchors to great effect on a variety of structures, from stately homes, to bridges and domestic housing.

One of the most effective and versatile structural anchors available, Cintec anchors are designed and manufactured specifically for each individual application.

The Cintec system comprises a stainless steel section, designed to meet the loads required, encased in a flexible mesh fabric sleeve. After insertion into diamond drilled holes a special cement (or lime based) grout is injected under pressure to inflate the sleeve. The sleeve expands and moulds itself to the voids and interstices within the wall, locking the masonry together without the need for unsightly pattress plates or strapping.

Typical applications include:

Stabilisation and lateral restraint to masonry walls.
Bridge and arch strengthening.
Pinning of de-bonded masonry.
Floor restraint.
Pinning of facades and mouldings.
Heavy duty stud anchors.
Wall ties.

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